Dateline: Santa Clara, CA
July 28, 2016 8:12 am (PDT)

Yesterday The_Donald started a  turd-laden tornado of biblical proportions of a controversy in tweeting that it's just fine with him for Vladimir Putin's Russia, and perhaps it's intelligence or counter-intelligence agencies to aid him politically.  Today he and his campaign are desperately trying to "walk back" the tweet, and subsequent inane comments and statements - claiming that he was just being "sarcastic?"

Does he find national security that which to mock, and scorn or even to make fun of?  Does he deserve to be given pre-Elect national security intelligence briefs, given his pathological propensity in demonstrating un-fit characteristics of one to even hold?

Objectively speaking perhaps that such an idiotic declaration (sarcastic or not) may not meet the  the standard in prosecuting him for the Sedition Act U.S.C. Pub.L. 65–150, 40 Stat. 553 (1918) or even the Espionage Act (1917), however the manner in which this was conveyed deserves equal, or even more scrutiny to say all of the accusations and conspiracy theories The_Donald has tossed at former Secretary of State, and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

What appears to be missing in the entire narrative of this controversy is The_Donald's Sr. Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort who in the past had worked as a ('dirty tricks'?) consultant for foreign dictators and tyrants, and who also worked for the Republican party and the G.O.P. as a lobbyist, as well as a consultant.

If one could question the location of "missing emails" and in unbridled innuendo declare un-questionable guilt or culpability, can another do the same for the motivation, and as to who would have benefitted from the DNC data leak and dump? Not to mention the tactical time in the release thereof by WikiLeaks, and who was in initial possession of the data and who committed the hack?

It's all speculation, yet to this point this recent cranial-rectal inversion committed by The_Donald has put him and his campaign of yet another, nearing a hundred instances of un-hinged pathological behavior that would deem him as certainly "un-fit."