Dateline: Sacramento, CA
July 28, 2016 7:00 am (PDT)

Just what was that little 5-year old girl, born in Chicago, Illinois thinking as she went to and from school?  Did she think or even believe those years ago that she could be the first woman president, or even the presidential nominee of a major political party in the United States of America?  Was she able to imagine just what the future held for her and a country in the coming years?  And as the years passed just what was she thinking in becoming a scholar, an activist, a politician, a mother ...and now a grandmother?

This summer evening in the city Philadephia "City of Brotherly Love," Pennsylvania a "Sister" came forth and was just nominated as the Democratic party's Presidential candidate.  The days that encompassed this convention and event was a four-day resume, and mini-biography of a woman whose life appears to be one deserving to serve.

The praise and accolades of her life and history, and accomplishments never seemed to end as person, after person came forward to offer their support of her.  Stories of her and her work brought tears to those who were not and are not affected by the 'slings and arrows' of political rhetoric and vicious personal attacks.  For much has and had been said; not enough has been said ... With more to come on that road to November 8th.

These chapters in the story of her life as an activist, a teacher, the First Lady of the United States of America, Senator of New York and U.S. Secretary of State are pages that have now since been turned, as now a new chapter begins.

Just what is she now thinking, now approaching the cusp in a moment of American history that will be chronicled & debated in the decades and years to come? Does she know or even fully aware of what challenges lay before her?  In this correspondent's opinion she does, for it seems that she was built for this station in her life and career; fighting for what is right and fighting against that which is wrong.  It's been repeatedly stated that she's been "battle tested," and one to "never quit." And that is to be believed because of those who truly, and really know her - where many over the course of the Democratic National Convention have offered near endless testimonials of her achievements and character; of whom know and profoundly feel it in their minds, souls and ♥s.

Heart is what she possesses.  Compassion and understanding, and feelings in underscoring what her husband the 42nd President, Wm. J. Clinton once coined in "feeling one's pain" in the challenges, fears and hopes that citizens of this great country know and feel each and every single day.  But it appears simply caring is not enough for this woman of strength and determination, for in lenghty read of her accomplishments the term "action" leaps to immediate mind.  Moreover it also reads that the terms fear, and or trepidation are nowhere to be found in her vocabulary and constitution. For in her illustrious history it appears that she feeds on challenges that she sets her mind to, and that conflict resolution is a goal that benefits all.

The coming General Election and votes cast for who shall become the 45th President of the United States of America is the ultimate challenge and conflicts in campaign rhetoric will be fierce and unrelenting. Yet, and rhetorically speaking, "ya'll think she's up to it?"  How will she hold up when she goes up against a silver spooned, priviliged 5-year old in a geriatric body?  Who conceivably never, ever got into a real fist fight with a bully in a school yard scrap, but now wants to fight a girl? Might he "fight like a girl?" How will she hold up in the midst of a predicted nasty, divisive campaign waged by her narcisstic, prevaricating, unhinged, fear mongering demagogue of an political opponent?  ... LOL - she's been there, seen it, done it and with a Republican party leadership, and ideology, that had been hell bent to destroy her and her husband in the span of over two decades, and beyond.

For now and in this moment in time and history it is her and her running mate to appreciate, and to ruminate over. To contemplate not only of their own future, but for the future of all Americans; of those 5-year olds (this correspondent's 5-year old) and of those to come.  For here in acceptance of her nomination for President of the United States of America 'hope' is being offered to those who are willing (not to-subject-to), but to accept. Good luck, Madam Secretary & Senator Tim Kaine; God speed in your journey in acceptance of yet another challenge and highly probable achievement.


 ☆ Good luck to us (U.S.) all in our determination, in conscience and otherwise. In many Stronger Together and with one 45th POTUS to be & to say with profound conviction - #ImWithHer